Teapot Ceramic Black (500 ml) KINTO and Cups

Teapot Ceramic Black (500 ml) KINTO and Cups


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Beautiful Ceramic collection from KINTO, made in Japan.

Teapot: φ70 x H110 x W175 mm / 500 ml

Cup: φ75 x H60 mm / 180 ml


- "The handle of the teapot can be gripped comfortably. The large strainer is easy to clean and allows tea leaves to open widely inside and release their flavor."

- "The items are made of sandstone unique to Hasami region, mixing sand and rocks with Amakusa porcelain stone mined from Amakusa islands. This porcelain clay ensures durability and deep nuanced expressions are created by the iron in the sandstone reacting with the glaze."

- Dishwasher and microwave safe