MIST 'Roasted Four Seasons Oolong' Kombucha


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This exclusive Kombucha is created by Bron, a tailor made Belgian kombucha producer.
In close collaboration, we selected the MIST Roasted Four Seasons Oolong tea, produced by Alan, in Nantou, Taiwan.

The choice for this roasted tea, resulted in an intense Kombucha, refreshing, a bit fruity, with a smoky aftertaste. Enjoy !

The expiry date (to obtain the best taste) of this batch is 01/06/24.
We recommend to store the Kombucha in the fridge.

Kombucha is available in:

- Bottles 250 ml
- 'Bag In Box' 5 L
--> These we can send by post.

- Bottle 1 L
--> This is only available in the MIST Shop.
--> You can also bring your own bottle.