MATCHA Kotobuki (Japan) - 40 gram

MATCHA Kotobuki (Japan) - 40 gram


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Location: Kirishima volcanic mountain range, Makizono, Kagoshima, Japan

Altitude: 100 m

Harvest:  Spring 2024, May 15

This vibrant green powder is composed of tender first flush Tencha leaves shade-grown for 20 days before harvest on the pristine slopes of the Kirishima volcanic mountain range in Makizono, Kagoshima. The young, tender leaves are steamed and dried immediately after harvest to maintain their freshness. The next step is sorting and de-stemming, to obtain the raw material for Matcha called ‘Tencha’, which is blended and stored in a refrigerator, to be ground in a stone mill.

The careful blending of the Tencha leaves allows this organic Matcha to reveal a velvety jade liquor that will offer a deep and mellow Umami balanced with a delightful vegetal sweet flavor.