GREEN TEA - Sencha (Japan)


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Location: Kagoshima, Japan
Altitude: 200 m
Harvest: Spring 2024, April 28

This Nanmei Sencha is harvested by Mr. Ichiji in Kagoshima, in the southern regions of
Japan. This region is very suitable for the cultivation of this cultivar, due to the mild climate. This young cultivar is created from the cultivars Sayamakaori and Makurazaki 13, with the aim of obtaining tea trees resistant to diseases and insects to facilitate the production of organic tea.

It’s an early cultivar (the buds of Nanmei come out 7 days before the Yabukita)
characterized by intense green leaves and a clear and balanced liquor between umami and sweet bitterness. The leaves have a buttery aroma, while the first infusion brings out a slightly fruity, citrus aroma. The transparent light yellow liquor offers a round and creamy attack which continues with a sensation of delicious astringency and a long finish. The second infusion reveals a different expression and body, with a more vegetable flavor. The third infusion is light, with anise, spicy notes.

You can infuse this tea 3 times!