GREEN TEA & Jasmine -

GREEN TEA & Jasmine - "Jasmine Pearls" (China)


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Location: Fujian Province, China

Altitude:  800 m

Harvest date tea: Spring 2024, March 25

The delicate Green Jasmine Pearls we selected for you are coming from Fujian province, China. The Green tea is harvested in Spring, the Jasmine flowers in Summer.

Jasmine Pearls are hand rolled green tea leaves which are dried and blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers. During the night these flowers open
and release their aroma into the tea leaves. The next morning the flowers are removed. This process is repeated some nights in a row, giving the green tea, the intense sweet, jasmine flavor.

You can infuse the same leaves up to 3 times (within 24 hours) !



Served at its best:

Hot Brew: 3 g per 300 ml / 70° -75 ° / 2 min

Cold Brew: 10 g per 1 l / 4°-6° /  7 h