BLACK TEA - High Mountain


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Location: Meishan, Alishan, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Altitude: 1400 m
Harvest: Spring 2023, May 10
Profile: The 100 % oxidation level provides this Black tea his rich taste and sugar cane flavour. The fact that it's made out of the Qingxin Oolong cultivar adds a surprising fresh and floral touch, citrus notes and an amazing, long lasting sweet aftertaste.

Served at its best:

Water: 90°-95°
Traditional way: 1 g of tea leaves per 30 ml - 2 min
Western way: 3,5 g per 300 ml - 3 min
Up to 4
 infusions with the same leaves

This High Mountain Black Tea we selected for you is coming from the misty Village of Meishan, in the famous Alishan Mountain area. The young farmer Ray is running this award winning farm, together with his father and wife. These lovely people stick to their philosophy of traditional tea producing, while innovative projects challenge them day by day.