KINTO To Go Tumbler 240 or 360 ml

KINTO To Go Tumbler 240 or 360 ml


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KINTO TO GO TUMBLER is ideal for various scenes throughout your day, working or relaxing. The newly added version comes with a plug which prevents spills on the go. The rotating plug can be opened and closed easily, letting you drink with ease. Each detail is designed to assure comfortable drinking and easy washing. Vacuum insulated, the tumbler retains the temperature and flavor of drinks for a long time. Featuring matte texture and calm colors, it is a clean and timeless design.


φ87 x H95 mm / 240 ml / *height (without cap) H117 mm
Approx. 180g

φ87 x H130 mm / 360 ml | *height (without cap) H82 mm
Approx. 235g