WHITE TEA - Wild Old Trees


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Location   Baiji, Sanxia, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Altitude    250 m

Harvest    Spring 2024, March 28

This exclusive White tea is made from tea leaves of old trees, in a wild teagarden in the Sanxia District, near Taipei. This tea is produced by David and Queena, an ambitious couple who run the tea farm together with their 3 children. The tea farm was founded in 1871, and passed on for six generations so far. They have a very modern approach of running their farm, and the wild garden is a real treat for your eyes and nose.

The process of making this unique white tea is very precise and intense. The tea buds are harvested seven days after they sprout. These buds are extremely tender and covered with dense white hairs. Every morning, the tea leaves are spread out in the gentle morning sunlight for over ten days. The sun provides many unknown energies, allowing the tea leaves to wither naturally and undergo slight fermentation, which enriches the tea's flavor and complexity.
Multilayered, woody and fruity, with a long lasting sweet aftertaste.
You can infuse the same leaves up to 3 times (within 24hours) !