OOLONG TEA - Oriental Beauty


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Location: Pinglin, Taipei, Taiwan
Altitude: 300 m
Harvest: Summer 2023, June 4
Profile: The typical Oriental Beauty flavors of natural sweet honey and ripe peach. It’s smooth, mellow, with a sweet aftertaste and perfect to drink throughout the day.

Served at its best:
Water: 80° - 85°
Traditional way : 1 g per 30 ml - 2 min
Western way: 4 g per 300 ml - 4 min

Up to 4 infusions with the same leaves

One of Taiwan’s most famous teas is Oriental Beauty, or Dong Fang Mei Ren. This tea is always produced natural because the farmers need the green leafhopper to bite the tea. The damage caused by this insect initiates an oxidation process within the leaves which is crucial to obtain the typical flavors of natural sweet honey. The one we selected for you is produced by teaproducer Aka, who works together with his brother and parents in their family-owned farm. When we visited Aka, we were surprised by his innovative approach of producing and brewing the tea.