GREEN TEA - "Wild" Bi Luo Chun


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Location   Baiji, Sanxia, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Altitude    250 m

Harvest    Spring 2024, March 22

The Green Bi Luo Chun tea we selected for you is coming from a wild teagarden in the Sanxia District, near Taipei. This tea is produced by David and Queena, an ambitious couple who run the teafarm together with their 3 children. The tea farm was founded in 1871, and passed on for six generations so far. They have a very modern approach of running their farm, and the wild garden is real treat for your eyes and nose.

The Green Bi Luo Chun Tea is made  from freshly picked 1-tip, 2-leaf baby leaves. You will enjoy flavors of seaweed, young grass and green beans, ending with a pleasant fruity aftertaste.