OOLONG TEA - Four Seasons


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Location   Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan

Altitude    350 m

Harvest    Spring 2024, May 5

Profile The Four Seasons Oolong Tea we selected for you is produced by Alan. This young farmer is the fourth generation on the family-owned tea farm in Mingjian, the largest tea area in Taiwan. The weather in this region is very suitable for tea growing, because of the sufficient sunlight troughout the whole year.


We describe this tea as a perfect introduction in Oolong tea, because it’s mild and delicate, without any bitterness. It’s fresh and floral, with hints of pine and a long lasting sweet aftertaste.

Served at its best

3 infusions/ infusie

85°-90° / 2 min / 1g = 30ml

85°-90° / 4 min / 4,5 g = 300 ml

4° - 6° / 6 h  / 4 g = 300 ml