BLACK TEA - Alishan


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Location: Meishan, Alishan, Chiayi Coun

Altitude: 1100 m

Harvest date: Spring 2023, June 2


Teaproducers Sheng and his wife Emily live together with their family in Meishan, a beautiful and biologically rich village in the famous Alishan mountain area. Sheng is the youngest of three generations in the family-owned farm. Together with his wife and father he produces Oolong, Jin Xuan Oolong, black tea and even white tea. Under the approving eye of the 90 year old grandfather they do not shy away from modern techniques whilst respecting family recipes once started by him.

Their innovative approach already paid off, as they won several prizes for their tea. We admire this couple for their perseverance to produce natural tea, as one of the few in the region. Sheng even takes it one step further by trying to convince other farmers to follow his example.

Like all black teas it has a 100 % oxidation level which gives it a full bodied and rich taste with a naturally sweet honey flavor. The fact that this black tea is made out of the Jin Xuan oolong variety adds a surprising fresh touch, with hints of cinnamon and orange zest.

You can infuse the same leaves up to 3 times (within 24 hours) !


Served at its best:
Hot brew: 3 gram / 300 ml water /  3 min  / 90°-95°
Cold brew: 10 gram / 1 L cold water / 8 h