Travel to Taiwan with MIST

Because Taiwan was a real discovery for us, even next to their flourishing tea culture, we were impressed by the beauty and by the easy going way that we could explore this country.

With our project in mind we travelled, the first time, without knowing much about the country itself. Because we considered Taiwan as an "underdog tea country", it was exactly this fact that attracted us in going there. We knew about their high quality tea production but it was the whole experience of being there that made us fall in love with Taiwan.

Taiwan, has a lot to offer. Their misty mountains, beaches, amazing city life, traditions and culture. Also the colonial past is still visible, in the architecture for example.

The roads are in perfect condition, the public transport is spotless and the hospitality of the people is exceptional, just like their teas.

If you want to travel to Taiwan with us and the travel agency that we work with, to visit our dear farmers and get to know this beautiful island "Ihla formosa”, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to share our story, to convince you that what color of flip flops you need to pack, will be the only worry you'll have to go through.  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE NEXT TRIP :