Traditional roasted Dong Ding Oolong

Location: Lugu Township, Nantou County
Altitude: 500 - 800 m 
Harvest: Spring 2017, May 5 
Profile: This Dong Ding is medium oxidized and medium roasted. The refined, slow roasting techniques give the tea a complex character with many layers. You will experience a subtle roasted taste and a strong fruity pallet that changes during the infusions. You will taste hints of strawberry and pomegranate evolving to fresh tropical fruit.

Served at its best:
Water: 85 - 90°
Traditional way: 1 g of tea leaves per 30 ml - 3 min
Up to 4 infusions with the same leaves
Western way: 5 g per 300 ml - 5 min
First rinse your tea

The Dong Ding Oolong we selected for you is produced in a family-owned farm where Will, our young tea farmer, works closely together with his father and grandfather. They only produce small badges twice a year - Spring and Winter. For them, quality and staying true to traditions is more important than quantity.
Their main focus is to strongly hold on to the traditional way of producing Dong Ding by roasting it on charcoal. What makes it even more special is the fact that the roasting is a family secret... even Will wasn't allowed see this process until he was 23 years old and could assure his grandfather that he wanted to become a farmer too.