OUT OF STOCK - Premium roasted Tie Guan Yin

Location: Maokong village, Wenshan district, Taipei city
Altitude: 350 m
Harvest: Winter 2016, November 22
Profile: This extraordinary Tie Guan Yin is coming from a small, although award winning garden in the beautiful Maokong village. It has an oxidation degree of 35 % and undergoes a heavy roast. You will get overwhelmed by the rich mouth feel and the large spectrum of flavors. Exhilarating cedar wood, sweet vanilla, ripe peach and refreshing hints of melon will come your way. Take the time to experiment with this exceptional tea.

Served at its best:
Water: 85 - 90°
Traditional way: 1 g of tea leaves per 30 ml - 2 min
Up to 6 infusions with the same leaves
Western way: 4.5 g per 300 ml - 4 min
First rinse your tea

Up mountain the bustling city of Taipei there’s Maokong, a village in the Wenshan district. A bit isolated from other farms, next to a little mountain river, our farmer family has set up this idyllic farm 4 generations ago. Today, father and son, Zi-shan and Ming-Fong, produce Tie Guan Yin side by side sharing and exploring their family recipe. It’s inspiring to see how two different tea-generations work closely together and respect each other’s vision on tea producing. The natural character of the field gives it a rough look. This award winning garden is a small piece of paradise for the eye.