Baozhong Oolong

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Location: Pinglin, Taipei, Taiwan
Altitude: 400 m
Harvest: Winter 2018, October 15
Profile: Not the typical light oxidized Baozhong. The intense shaking (6 times) gives this Baozhong a more rich taste and longer aftertaste. You will enjoy notes of peach, guava and white flowers.

Served at its best:

Water: 85° - 90°

Traditional way: 1 g of tea leaves per 30 ml - 2 min
Up to 6 infusions with the same leaves
Western way: 5 g per 300 ml - 5 min
First rinse your tea

One hour drive away from the bustling city of Taipei, there’s Pinglin, a village famous for its Baozhong production. Baozhong, is also named Pouchong, which literally means “wrapped”, referring to the traditional way of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying process. The Baozhong we selected from you is made by our young farmer, Aka, who works together with his brother and parents in their family-owned farm. When we visited Aka, we were surprised by his innovative approach of producing and brewing the tea. You should definitely try this one on cold brew, you will be surprised.