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Location: Maokong, Wenshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Altitude: 350 m
Harvest: Spring 2019, April 10
Profile: Tie guan Yin is processed in a specific way which involves numerous stages of rolling and delicate charcoal roasting. This gives the tea its typical rich mouth feel, a deep roasted aroma and a spectrum of fruity flavors, ending with a fresh aftertaste.

Served at its best:
Water: 85° - 90°
Traditional way: 1 g of tea leaves per 30 ml - 2 min
Up to 3 infusions with the same leaves
Western way: 4,5 g per 300 ml - 4 min
First rinse your tea

Up mountain the bustling city of Taipei there’s Maokong, a village in the Wenshan district. The mountain area here is famous for its Tie Guan Yin production. The Tie Guan Yin variety, originally from Fujian, China, was brought to Taiwan in 1919. The one we selected for you is produced by Chun and her family. She’s the third generation in this family owned farm, that she runs together with her 2 sisters and father. For many years they are specialized in producing Tie Guan Yin, and only harvest twice a year, during Spring and Winter.