Four Seasons Oolong

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Location: Chishui, Nantou County, Taiwan

Altitude: 300 m

Harvest date: Spring 2019, May 31


Taste Profile:

We describe this tea as a perfect introduction in Oolong tea, because it’s mild and delicate without any biterness. It’s fresh and floral, with hints of pine and a long lasting sweet aftertaste.





This ‘Four Seasons Oolong’ is grown in central Taiwan, Nantou. It’s made from the Si Ji Chun cultivar, which means ‘Four Seasons of Spring’, because it provides rich harvests all year long. The farmer, Ching Yu is the second generation in this family owned farm and already won several prizes with this Oolong tea. 


Serve at its best:

Traditional way: 85 ° - 90°    2 min   1 g  = 30 ml

Western way : 85 ° - 90°    4 min     4,5 g = 300 ml

Cold Brew: 4° - 6 °    6 h     4 g = 300 ml